MS Chemical Engineering Curriculum Plan

Project Option (Plan B)

Required Core (12 units)



Total: 30 Units

Other Requirements

  1. Satisfy the CSU Graduate Writing Requirement (which may require an additional 3 units for Engr 200W)
  2. Maintain both a minimum GPA of 3.0 and a C or better on all courses that count towards the MS degree (are listed on the candidacy form)
  3. Pass MS Thesis or Project Defense
  4. Students without a BS ChE must take or show equivalencies for:
    2 Semesters of General Chemistry; 1 Semeseter of Organic Chemistry; 2 Semesters of Physics; 3 Semesters of Calculus; 1 Semester of Differential Equations; and ChE 115, 151, 158, 160A, 160B and 190.
  5. Students who are admitted in conditional standing must satisfy the conditions (such as transition courses or required GPA) and submit a change to classified standing form